Time for a website redesign?

Dec 16, 2010

Improvements in technology and new ideas will at some point lead to a redesign or realignment of your website - in fact this website has been changed many times since 2000, the year that I started in website design and development.

Redesign or realign?

The simple question is, what do you want your user to do and who is your user? The technology and what it looks like can follow later. The cost in creating a website should only be borne if you intend to change someone's behaviour i.e. make them engage with you.


Aesthetics are important and contribute to usability. Rather than a confusing website that makes visitors want to leave, you have to make your website appealing.

Sometimes you may just want to change the aesthetics of your site but it's also an opportunity to look at your business and how you want to change visitor behaviour by providing new functionality. I would say it's very rare that the design of a website cannot be realigned with your target audience and redesign and realignment go hand in hand.

Nothing stands still

As technology improves, it makes it easier to build an engaging website but it drives challenges as users begin to use new devices that perhaps your website wasn't designed for. Even a website that is a couple of years old can begin to look dated.

Contact me and let me know what your business problem is whether it is for improved aesthetics or a realignment with your business.

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If you would like to know more about how I've helped to transform some the world's biggest and well known businesses, across diverse industries in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong, then please drop me a line. Let's have a chat and I'll buy the coffee!

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Turn your idea into digital reality

Many of my clients requiring web design have been small or start up businesses and need a lot of guidance. I love these kind of projects as I feel I can be a part of a new and exciting business from the very beginning!

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