Microcopy - the ultra fine detail

Dec 3, 2011

Microcopy refers to the text that adorns labels, buttons and other website elements. Its function is to help and instruct users effectively and like signs on the road, microcopy can ensure that your users get to where they need to be. Details matter and detail like this can make a big difference in user experience. The main areas I consider in the websites that I build are calls to action, headlines and form elements.

All of my websites will allow you to add your own content so you will be responsible for good content unless of course you want me to do this for you.

Calls to action

These need to be specific. Just labelling something "click here" may not be enough. How about making the link say "see the list of affected countries" instead? The difference is that the user will know what they are going to see before they even click on it. Be descriptive with your links.

Instead of "sign up", how about, "try if for free". This in itself communicates a key message.


The headline sets the tone for the rest of the website. Also remember that a good, descriptive headline will be beneficial in your effort to improve your Search Engine Optimisation. Be descriptive with your headlines and make them snappy.

Form elements

Forms are complicated and generally my websites will have forms built for you. A basic one is at the bottom of this page and gives you feedback as you fill it in. A good form will assist the user in completing it especially if they make a mistake.

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