Liberating structures

Nov 3, 2019

Do you ever find feedback or team sessions predictable, boring, and don't actually fulfill their goals? Have you ever been into sprint retrospective and feedback is not always that useful or forthcoming? I'm sure the answer is yes.

A major part to team working is recognising that everyone has something to add. The person who is often quite quiet can surprise you with their ideas when given the opportunity to speak. When everyone feels included and engaged the team's productivity is increased, and importantly happiness also increases. A happy team is also a productive team.

Existing ways of engaging are often inhibiting and suite the extrovert or more outspoken. Liberating Structures offers an alternative way to approach how people work together. It provides a toolbox with practices that can be taken to replace or complement conventional practices.

They are designed to include everyone in shaping what needs to be done and done in a way to remove the conventional and biases that favour the extrovert.

The names of the techniques are listed below but you can find them all at

  1. 1-2-4-All
  2. Impromptu Networking
  3. Nine Whys
  4. Wicked Questions
  5. Appreciative Interviews (AI)
  6. TRIZ
  7. 15% Solutions
  8. Troika Consulting
  9. What, So What, Now What? W³
  10. Discovery & Action Dialogue (DAD)
  11. Shift & Share
  12. 25/10 Crowd Sourcing
  13. Wise Crowds
  14. Min Specs
  15. Improv Prototyping
  16. Helping Heuristics
  17. Conversation Café
  18. Users Experience Fishbowl
  19. Heard, Seen, Respected (HSR)
  20. Drawing Together
  21. Design StoryBoards
  22. Celebrity Interview
  23. Social Network Webbing
  24. What I Need From You (WINFY)
  25. Open Space Technology
  26. Generative Relationships STAR
  27. Agreement-Certainty Matrix
  28. Simple Ethnography
  29. Integrated~Autonomy
  30. Critical Uncertainties
  31. Ecocycle Planning
  32. Panarchy
  33. Purpose-To-Practice (P2P)

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