How do you conduct user testing?

Jan 27, 2017

In a recent survey done by net magazine, it was asked how the digital community conducts user testing. Here are the results.

  • Focus group (8%) - a dedicated session with the target audience
  • Outsource (8%) - Give it to the experts
  • Testing tool (20%) - Use a tool such as a robot to do the testing
  • Very little / none (20%) - Interesting...(!)
  • Set up a survey (12%) - Set questions allow for easier analysis
  • Social media (2%) - A quick requests for opinions
  • Remotely (2%) - Why leave your chair when there is skype?
  • Ask the public (28%) - Random pubs and clubs offer plenty of subjects

A testing tool is great for finding defects and doing regression testing. In fact its frustrating when automated testing isn't used and the business has to use skilled, valuable resource to repeat the same, and eventually tedious test scripts.

Regarding the evaluation of what has been produced, surveys and focus groups are no surprise. What is surprising though is that 20% do little or no testing. If you don't test then how do you improve? How can you give the customer what they want?

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