Annoying web page design and usability

Mar 11, 2016

What do I want to see less of? Well, these being personal annoyances, I'd say such features need to be consigned to the history of bad website design and here's a list of what needs to be buried.

  • Infinite scrolling. When will it ever end?! Why make a web page act in such a way. When you read a book you like to know where the end of the page is. Why is a web page any different?
  • Stock photos. Why is there a stock photo of a woman associated with the contact page or contact info?
  • Intrusive adverts. There will always be a battle with adverts. Ad-blockers can help but sometimes the web page will block access if it detects it. But really, I don't want a video to launch when I visit a page. Pop ups too - when will the advertiser really that they are annoying their potential customer base and will avoid the product because of this?
  • Parallax. This is when a background image moves slower than the foreground images, creating an illusion of depth on a two-dimensional page. It was 'wow' at first, but this doesn't actually have any function or purpose.
  • Best viewed on desktop. No! It doesn't matter what my device is, the user experience should be equally good across multiple devices. In other words, ensure a site employs responsive web design.
  • Slow pages. It may have been somewhat acceptable in the days of dial up, but not in 2016.

Hopefully, in the years ahead these practices will fade away.

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